We power the sharing of life's big moments..

“We all have our big moments in life. These are proud occasions and times we want to share with our loved ones and friends.  That’s what Stage Clip is all about.  We enable you to share your special moment instantly reliving it as many times as you want. Enjoy!”

Rupert Forsythe


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Relive. Share. Enjoy!

It could start with your kindergarten graduation or your first nativity play at school. You may cycle, ride motorcross, finish a marathon or take part in a gymkana. Perhaps you’ve been recognised for your achievements at a business awards ceremony or graduated from University.

Whatever your big moment in life your loved one’s are proud of you. They want to share in your moment and relive it with you.

Stage Clip sends that special moment direclty to your smart phone in real time so you can share it with your friends, family and the wolrd.

Share Life's Big Moments...

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