Benefits for AV Teams and Videography Companies

Excellent Client Care

Graduation Coordinators work hard to deliver the best possible experience for graduates and their loved ones.  Use Stage Clip to achieve their goals.

Make Money

Use Stage Clip to increase revenues.   Working with your Graduation Coordinator you determine the price of a clip to graduates.

Monetize your back catalog.  Distribute Stage Clips from previous ceremonies.  This is very effective when combined with a marketing campaign by the University Alumni team.

Save Money

Save time and money on physical products. No more burning DVDs, printing discs, printing covers, inserting in boxes, packaging and returns.

Great Customer Value

DVD’s are expensive to customers.  You sell many more Stage Clips at a more reasonable cost to the customer.

All Stage Clip distribution is done at the event saving you time and money.

No extra crew needed

You use the same team who film and mix the ceremony to run the Stage Clip editor.  You will need an internet connection, a spare lap top or PC and a couple of backup drives.

Free Platform

Our platform and editor are free.  There are currently no subscription or set-up fees.  There is a small Stage Clip service fee for processing the transaction for each download.  This is currently 10%. There is a minimum service fee per download.  ($0.79, £0.65, €0.75)