What is StageClip and How does it work?

StageClips are individualized on-stage video clips for students who participate in graduation (approx 30-60 seconds long).  Clips feature their name, degree and school branding.  StageClips are ready straight after the ceremony for graduates to post on social media from their mobile phones.


Sample Clip 

We create your clip

Clip Website 

We set up your dedicated clip website








 2.  Event Day


Your graduation coordinator uploads a running order to our website.

Why is StageClip so popular?

  • Event organizers, Marketing, Communications and Alumni departments recognize graduation as the biggest global PR opportunity for their institution. 
  • Video content is king in social media marketing and live content is the holy grail. 
  • Excellent value for money.  Starting at $1 per clip it's the cheapest form of social media marketing available and it's 'sticky'.  You are not paying for rented space ads on  Facebook, Google etc.
  • The metrics are impressive. For example, 1000 clips posted on Instagram gives you 159,000 views.


What are the other benefits of StageClip?

Enhanced graduate experience

  • The big moment, in the moment.  Friends and family not present can be part of the experience too .
  • Graduates passionately share their StageClips with the world. Their advocacy is your most powerful marketing.

Alumni Engagment

  • Newest Alumni become your strongest ambassadors and future donors.
  • Collect clean, real-time data from alumni whilst they wait for their clips to download.

Learn More

Showcase your Institution

  • A happy engaged audience is the key to broadcasting your Institution values globally.  See a 'View and Share' page.
  • Build institution integrity with on-brand visual language, relevant messaging and professional clips.
  • Drive future recruitment with powerful social media. Align clips with your institutions strengths.
  • Include extra video content for more relevance - a ‘congratulations’ message from the Principal or a feature on a key institution attribute, for example.