Event organisers, Marketing, Communications and Alumni departments recognise graduation as the biggest global PR opportunity for their institution. Positive social media dramatically increases the reputation of the institution.

Graduation content is shared around the world on social media. With the power of its reach and viral nature it is critical that content reflects your institution’s core values and brand correctly.

Enhance graduate experience

  • High graduate demand for digital clips for sharing on social media instantly.
  • The big moment, in the moment.  Friends and family not present can be part of the experience too .
  • Clips on Instagram get on average 149 views. Graduates passionately share their StageClips with the world. Their advocacy is your most powerful marketing.

Engage Your Future Alumni

  • Newest Alumni become your strongest ambassadors and future donors.
  • Collect clean, real-time data from alumni whilst they wait for their clips to download.
  • Feature your web address, hashtags or other information. Take advantage of pre roll and post roll captions.
  • You can choose to give each graduate a StageClip as a free gift. What a fantastic way to start your new relationship!

Showcase your Institution

  • A happy engaged audience is the key to broadcasting your Institution values globally.
  • Build institution integrity with on-brand visual language, relevant messaging and professional clips.
  • Drive future recruitment with powerful social media. Align clips with your institutions strengths.
  • Include extra video content for more relevance - a ‘congratulations’ message from the Principal or a feature on a key institution attribute, for example.

Put graduates first with StageClip.  Enhance your institution reputation with powerful social media impact. 

Brighten the lives of graduates, friends and families.

We can tailor our price plans to fit any unique requirements you may have. 


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