Whether you’re an internal AV department or and external professional videography company StageClip can be introduced with no extra, editing, crew or equipment needed.

We simply take your footage and create beautiful personalised clips of graduates and distribute to mobile. We can take footage from a live stream or you can upload film in any format to our site post event.

Currently selling DVD’s or digital ceremony downloads?

  • Add to your DVD sales revenue by selling personalised clips. You set the sale price to graduates.
  • Clip production is quick and easy for you – no extra time, money, investment in physical products or customer returns to manage.
  • Give your graduation coordinator excellent service. They work hard to deliver the best possible experience for graduates. Use StageClip to achieve their goals.
  • Clips are high impact, instantly sharable and give graduates value for money. Clip sales will increase your revenue and give you more onward e-marketing opportunities.
  • Graduates want quality digital clips for sharing on social media immediately. Now you can give them what they want.

Filming ceremonies for the big screen, live stream or free digital download?

  • Give graduates personalised clips. It’s what they want and they love to share.
  • Institutions want to innovate and increase their engagement through social media channels.
  • Provide your graduation coordinator excellent service and enhance the event experience for all.

StageClip is simple. You do not need any extra crew, equipment or software. We’ll take either your live stream or you can upload files to our site in any format, then we manage clip production, distribution and customer service for you.

We can tailor our price plans to fit any unique requirements you may have. 


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