Give us an introduction to your videographer and we'll take care of the rest. 

Clip production is done remotely so no extra organisation is required from graduation coordinators.

We'll ask your AV team four simple questions:

  • Where can we find the live stream? e.g. (Ustream, YouTube, custom rtmp url)
  • What quality stream will they be providing? (resolution, bitrate)
  • What internet connection will they be using? (speed, jitter, reliability)
  • Are there are any baked in overlays in the stream? (subtitles, watermark)

We'll also review any previous footage and create a sample clip as well as give tips and advice on creating the best shots.

We'll do a stream test to make sure all is in order.


NEW FOR 2018! - Free live streaming service for our clients.  More details coming soon.

Further technical information